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The Darjeeling Limited

I want to see this movie!

Yay for us!

It's so nice to have hubs back home - he brought Schnailer lovely toys and got me lots of yumz. We missed you so much and thank you for our pressies! :)

Happy Mother's day

It was a lovely Mother's day. My busy husband took the weekend off to spend some time with Schnailer and me. He is so eventful. He took us to Hanlan Island, Centre Island, ferry rides, our long walks to the nice playground, Franklin's garden and our little cafe. We sat down and had our delicious desserts and teas - steak sandwich as well. It was lovely. We had a great time and mostly, he was trying to do all the work and wanted to please me because it's Mother's day.

You are great honey - thanks for all the hard work today running around dropping off flowers for my mom and lunch with my sister, nephew and bro-in-law and most importantly spending all your time with me & Schnailer. You are wonderful. I really am the luckiest girl in the whole wide world cause of you and Schnailer. I love you both dearly.

succulent steak dinner

Hubby cooked an amazing dinner tonight - it was so delicious, we both ate it in less than few minutes.
Did I mention the vino was out of this world good as well??..I am sipping it right now. yum.
Thanks baby for yummy dinner! I love you so much!!!

no brainer

It's funny how easy it is to decode female behaviour - no matter how old or young. Sometimes it's so easy, it's so pathetic. :)

Schnailer said...

Hubby and I were talking this morning how some babies learn to say hi and wave bye at this stage. As I waved at hubby leaving for his work and all of sudden, Schnailer held his arm high up and waved and that's not shocking enough, he yelled out a tiny bye. Hubby and I were in awe. We couldn't believe our ears...wow. It's amazing to hear little things that our little Schnailer says. We are so lucky to be part of Schnailer's life.

On a different note, hubby and I cuddled with sleeping Schnailer in hubby's arms to watch The Illusionist. It was a very lovely movie. ;)

Family time

Hubby didn't have to go to work this weekend and I am thrilled to have this time with him. So today, we slept until late morning and hung out with our little man. Afternoon, we decided to grill out - BBQ pork, leafy lettuce wraps, grilled garlic/peppers and green onion salad. It was scrummy. Along came our entertainment time, Libertine - ugh, horrible..horrible and luckily it stopped half way and gave us a good reason to return it and rent something better. Just right before we make our trip to the video store, we decided to play a game of volleyball. 2-0. It's so funny to see hubby get so angry when he is not winning..such a baby. :) I guess the little man was pulling hubby's controller while we were playing and he said to our little man "get away, get away, leave me alone"...it's kinda cute to listen your hubby complaining to your little one as if he is a mature adult who has a full understanding of what he is saying to him or what is going on..heh.

Took a short stroll to return our movie and got another one called Nine lives - not much better than Libertine but at least it's not Libertine.

Both of my boys are snoring away. Adorable.
It's been really good spending a week together with my hubby and snailer. I wish we could all hang out together all day, all the time. I miss my hubby too much when he is at work...I miss our summer time... Anyway, I just wanted to say out loud how much I love my two boys!
Back to bed. -_-zzz



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